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Consistently aligns with your vision

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Visual Stimulation

LED Bar that includes 12 different colors and 3 animation options.

Auditory Stimulation

For auditory simulation, high quality stereo headphones and 2.5m cable

Tactile Stimulation

Tactile boxes with green LED light and 2.5m cable.

Stereo Headphones
Tactile Boxes

Why should professionals use EMDR equipment?

Professionals utilize EMDR equipments because they enhance the effectiveness and precision of EMDR therapy, facilitating more targeted and efficient treatment for their clients.

  • When professionals utilize manual EMDR techniques, they may experience physical fatigue issues over time.

  • This is particularly true if they favor the manual visual stimulation method, as it can lead to general physical fatigue as well as discomfort in the arms, shoulders, and back.

  • These factors can result in a decline in the quality of care and attention that the specialist is able to provide to their client.

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Embark on the exciting journey to find your ideal EMDR specialist! Use the search function to locate specialists based on location, and expertise. Let the our comprehensive of our platform guide your search, and explore our informative content to learn about the transformative power of EMDR therapy. Connect with the perfect specialist who understands and supports your journey right here!

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I am very satisfied with your ATV device. I use it very practically and without any problems in my EMDR therapy sessions. In addition, when there is any situation that comes to my mind, I get in touch quickly, which is an additional reason for satisfaction. I would especially recommend the ATV device to therapists who apply EMDR. Thank you emdrtech! :)

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Ezgi Turhan – Clinical Psychologist

The device is very practical and it is very easy for me to connect it directly to the computer 🍀 Thank you for solving the cable problem.

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İzem Cehiz – Clinical Psychologist

The device is very nice, I like the device very much. I even used it with a four year old, it worked great. Thank you very much for your hard work. :)

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Belkıs Çevik – Clinical Psychologist

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