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Zeynep Demirkan

Psychological Counselor



The Best Address for EMDR Equipments: emdrtech

In EMDR therapies, it is extremely important for both the specialist and the client to experience a comfortable process.
Caring about both parties having a productive session, emdrtech continues to take its place in the industry with new product options.
EMDR assistant devices have been produced under the emdrtech brand in our country since 2019, and new solutions and sets are being added to the product family every day.

emdrtech has 400+ EMDR therapist users globally. We offer maximum quality and easy-to-use experience to our users in Turkey and around the world. On the “EMDR Experts” page, you can find information about the EMDR specialist in your city or near you. emdrtech is used by our EMDR specialists in central locations such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, London, Baku, Dubai, St. Petersburg and Köln.

For information EMDR equipments, you can contact us at info@emdrtech.com or through our WhatsApp contact line at +90 (507) 107 31 11.